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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Indian Girls/Women influenced by Western Society

Many people on POF do not know their heights, some are confused, are putting fake heights or they are short but wearing high heels to make them look tall. There are many people who are having a go at each in one way or another in their profiles. In the majority of cases men and women both, are only interested in judging a book by its cover i.e. only looking out for their partner whether they want to date or have a relationship in terms of looks. Both men and women are not serious or realistic about the qualities of their true life partner. ‘Looks’ are only the key feature both men and women after. Portrayed by the whole hollywood,/ bollywood culture people only want their partner to be good looking or sexy as in actors or porn starts. Conclusion This is a free dating site, no one is really serious, there are many fake profiles…its is one of worst dating site disasters.These pics are taken From Internet and from viewers. Is not responsible for any pictures.If you have any inquiry Just sent me message.If you have nice and new pic send me.your pictures will be post within five days reena.reena19 skype)


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