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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Indian Girls and Women Living in India

Plenty of Fish  or POF one of the worlds largest free dating websites is a joke and full of rejects and fake profiles. It consists of men who are looking for fun and relationships to women who have spent most of their lives with the wrong bloke and some who have left life to the end. Now in their mid to late thirties and forties these people are now looking for a serious life partner as some have realised this is the start of life before they need a walking stick very. Some of the people on this site moody. Some of the women on the site even those ones in their late 30′s are looking for fit men or actor like figures as if they are still teens in college. Some people expect chemistry to develop at the first instance at a drink but what they dont realise it does not take just a drink to click. It is a process which develops slowly but thoses are the desperate ones who have left their lives too late and only started getting serious now about having a relationship where most of there lives they spent it either working or playing. A common ground amongst indian women are: were they back in their native country in the villages then they would have been tradional indians. However, in western society they have lost their roots.

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