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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Indian babe Outsource Consultant

This is second photo of Kalpana from Bangalore. As you know from previous post that Kalpana is an outsource consultant in an Indian software development company.
After reading very nice and encoruging comments from our wonderful readers, Kalpana has sent this photo as a thank you to all you who liked her.
Kalpana has told a little more about herself in this email. Kalpana says, she is a family girl who like to live a fun live, she is jolly. Kalpana has a cute cat and she loves her cat.
Kalpana says that Bangalore is a very good place to live. Its a garden city. The thought of the “Garden City”, Bangalore, conjures up images of serene beauty, picturesque locations coupled with modern conveniences and comforts. The city of Bangalore has been one that has charmed millions with its elegance, beauty and style. Bangalore has evolved in the many years to one with several aspects. The beautiful green gardens and well maintained parks lend pleasant beauty to Bangalore. It has earned the title of ‘Garden City’ while the latest IT and software developments have earned it the title of the ‘Silicon Valley’. From being a destination in the lap of nature to being the commercial and technology hub of India, Bangalore occupies a unique place in the tourism map of the country.
Kalpana says her life is so good in garden city Bangalore working as a business process outsource consultant. She want to make more friends, more friends means more joy and happiness on gixmi.


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